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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Finish

Just Nan's Scissors Roll is totally finished!!  I put on the pearls.

 I buttonhole stitched the wool to the linen and formed the scissors pocket using the leftover pearls.

I sewed on the snap and charm.

Ta Da!

I worked some on Beautiful and finished the vine/flower row.  I have a few letters left in the second alphabet and then there is a different vine - and different colors to choose for it.  That will finish off the top third.  So I'm making good progress.

Then I worked a bit on Briar Rose.  Another rose finished and a couple more started.  I feel like things are under control now.

Nancy D asked what I am finishing the Dutch piece into.  It is going to open up and have two pockets on the inside.  But I really want to add initials and/or year to the back.  How can I leave all that linen on the back unstitched?

I want to finish the second bookmark too.  But that means I have to do some stash diving to find a backing fabric then set up the woven edge.  And I still have to do that pesky stitch that I missed.  But that means finding the chart to look up the color.  Sometimes I feel like I spend half my time trying to find something.


  1. Love your scissors roll. They must be sold out now. You were smart to order early.

  2. Beautiful stitching!

  3. Wonderful Amy. Now you can start something new - what will it be I wonder? I love the scalloped eadging of the wool in the Just Nan piece - do you have special scissors to cut it like that. Much more interesting that the traditional pinking shears. Have a good day