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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of a Tuesday

Things are back to normal after our holiday last week.
I have been concentrating on two projects.  On Mute But Not Silent, I finished the Hall of Justice.  Hurrah!

Now I am almost done with the Just Nan Scissors Roll.  It will be quick to put together (famous last words!).

Nancy reminded me that even though things seem like they are going slowly, at least I'm not having to take stitches out.
I cut the skirtex to finish the Dutch thing I finished a while back.

 There is no stitching on the back and I think I should put my initials and the date on it.

 Then I cut some skirtex to put inside the second bookmark.  I found one single stitch that I forgot.  I'll have to fill that in.
When I finish the Just Nan Scissors Roll, I will let myself start something else.

1 comment:

  1. Amy, that bookmark is gorgeous! Wow!

    Congratulations on finishing the Hall of Justice. There's a lot of detail in that section.

    I like your Dutch piece. What are you making it into?

    Look forward to your updates! Nancy