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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flowered Shirts

That's what is supposed to come in the mail today, flowered shirts.  I hate clothes shopping.  That's because it is hard to dress a barrel.  I saw some tops in The Stitchery Catalogue and I ordered a few.  They are old lady tops.  But, heck, I'm an old lady.  All my tops get stained with either food or the bleach in cleaning products.  I find flowery designs pleasing.

Once I finish the roses I have started on Briar Rose, I will only have 5 (!) more to go.  Of course they still have to be filled in.

What the heck is this, you say?  That is how you start a temari or two.  It is knee high hose with rice hulls in them.  One has three cups and one has just one cup.  My next step is to wrap these with yarn and then thread.  But first I have to make a little paper box to put in the middle of the rice hulls that has a jingle bell and jangly stuff in it and maybe even a nice message.

I started the banner for Claire using the Prairie Schooler Christmas Alphabet.  I think I will finish each letter individually and then arrange them on a twisted thread or ribbon.

We got some much needed rain last night.  Drought is broken on all stations.  That is one of the cards you can pick from an Austalian game DH got as a kid from his Aunt Jean.
I made brownies yesterday and they were very good.

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  1. Wow. I thought Temari balls started with a polystyrene ball as the base. Yours are really authentic. I look forward to progress reports. Well done on Briar Rose - she's looking great