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Friday, July 27, 2012

It's an Alien

The motif I stitched on Mute But Not Silent looks like an alien.  It's not.  It's just a flip top table.  This was a common piece of furniture at the time.    The motifs are getting smaller so it will feel like I am getting more done.  Theoretically.

I am down to 9 more flowers to do on Briar Rose.  I am so impressed with Cathy B.  She just started and has so much done already.  Wow.  If I concentrated on this I could finish it today.  I'll see if I can stick with it or if I get bored and have to go on to something else.

I printed out more copies of the sampler to try different arrangements.  Everything could change though.  I think in the next lesson (Wednesday!) we get a couple of designs by Tricia Wilson Nguyen for the caskets.  So I'll wait and see what they look like.  I am also salivating at the thought of the arrival of our first kit of stuff.

I didn't get anything more done yesterday on Beautiful.  I should put in at least a few stitches today.


  1. I couldn't bring myself to work on it today Amy...maybe tomorrow! You are almost done!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Briar Rose looks great-you're almost there! I like the variegated colors. I think I told you how I just didn't like this project- that pink!- and never finished. Your casket plan looks great. I was visiting a stitching friend last week who is going to do the casket. Got to look at her plans in person. What an amazing piece! I love all the history TWN includes. i got to see some of the Tudor caskets at the VA. Incredible. I'm really looking forward to following your progress. Nancy in muggy NY