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Monday, July 23, 2012

Proud New Owner

I am the proud new owner of a crown.  A tooth crown.  I couldn't believe all the technology that got me through this process this morning.  I worked hard and fast to get the bathrooms clean before going to me appointment.  It must have been a while since my last one.  I was expecting a temporary filling until the crown was made and expected to have to go back in a couple weeks to have the crown cemented in.  Nope.  I got the whole thing today.  Not only that but I watched Hoda and Kathie Lee and then The Price is Right with earphones on (so I didn't have to listen to the drilling etc.).  It was a breeze.  The worst part was writing the check when I was done.

I finished the "E" in Claire and ironed the letters.  In each letter is a small square of skirtex.  I am trying to decide whether to back each one with silk dipioni or glue a piece of scalloped felt to the back.  The felt way would be way easier.  I will lace the linen to the skirtex first.

I finished all the roses on Briar Rose!  Yeah!  Cathy B.  ( is working on hers too.  She is probably doing it the right way.  I have to go back and fill in all the roses with various pinks.  The countdown is on - 15 days until I leave for retreat.

I did some more buttonholes on Beautiful.  It really isn't worth a photo.  I hope to finish up the buttonholes today and start on the bottom section which has more vines and alphabets.

I got a call that the kits for the Sue Spargo class I signed up for are in.  I asked them to send me mine.  I'll show you what it looks like when I get it.

I am almost done with the large "E" on Mute But Not Silent.  I'd like to start the top row on the chart.

Stay cool.

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