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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hall of Justice

I worked hard on the Hall of Justice that is in the lower right corner of Mute But Not Silent.  There is a lot of over one stitching but when that is done it will be easy to fill in.  I was hesitant to work on this as I thought it would be hard.  It wasn't really hard, just a bit tedious.  I think I did a good job on the justice figure.

I just went to the fabric store to get some lining/backing fabric for Mr. Snowman.  He has so many colors that it wasn't hard to find fabrics that went with it.  I settled on these two.  They were fat quarters.  One will be the backing and one will be the lining.  I'm still figuring how to get some bias strips to make the cording out of such a small piece of fabric.

I finished the little slipper.  It turned out fine.  I ended up sewing on the rick rack and half of the cording, then gluing the rest.  There is supposed to be a strawberry that fits in the toe of the slipper.  I wish I had more of that blue/gray wool.  I'll have to make it out of a different color, maybe green.

Since we had the holiday on Wednesday, I've had my days mixed up.  For some reason today feels like Saturday.  It is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday here.  I love air conditioning!

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  1. I think the green would make a lovel strawberry. I can't wait to see what you decide.