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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

Happy fourth of July!  What's on tap for today?  Grilled chicken, potato salad and some sort of blueberry dessert - and lots of stitching.

No exercise class today so I have been vegging in my sewing chair working on a variety of things.  I worked on the third sunflower on the #1 temari.  I really like how it turned out.  All four of these sunflowers are just variations of a single design.  I have to do the center and then I can move on to sunflower #4.

I got the first little vignette on the Just Nan Scissors Roll done.  I wouldn't let myself work on it all day even though I wanted to.

I worked on the left bottom corner of Mute But Not Silent.  Good progress.  It's a good thing there is a story involved with this or I would lose interest.  I'm just not a sampler person.

I am up to "Q" on Beautiful's top alphabet.  I like the colors but with the vine that goes under this alphabet, I'm going to add some more colors, like green for the vine and either yellow or blue for the flowers - or both.

I bought 5 small magazine storage bins to try and get some stuff organized.  I was putting some things into one but I keep getting distracted by wanting to stop and look at the stuff I have.  I'm thinking of getting a subscription to Antique Sampler and Needlework magazine.  Just for a year, that's all.  It may help me with the Cabinet of Curiosities design.
It's too hot to go outside so I'll just sit and stitch.


  1. Enjoy the is too hot to go outside!

  2. All your stitching is great but out of these photos I love (in this order) the sampler, Beautiful, Just Nan's and the Temari Sunflower. Isn't it just as well we are all different. Hope you enjoy your 4th July celebrations