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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today is full of potential.  Lots of things could happen.  New things could be started.  Usually not much happens here.  We view that as a good thing.  When things happen, it is usually problems cropping up. No news is good news.
I am inching along on Beautiful.  I really did get lots done but it sure doesn't look like it.   I could show the pin stitching along the edge or the six buttonholes.  In my preliminary count there are a total of  56 buttonholes.  Still working on the basting too.  The retreat starts three weeks from today.

I got a few more roses done on Briar Rose.  Only 8 left to do.  That's great.  That doable.  That is two-thirds done.  67%.  16 out of 24.

I finished a couple of hands on Mute But Not Silent.  I started the "S".
Things I can do Today:
I can start a new temari or two.
I can make brownies.
I can work on some stuff I have let drift by the wayside.  That Purple Thread needle book.
I can finish the afghan I started about twenty years ago.  It just needs Claire's name.
I can start the Claire Christmas Banner.
I can just laze and watch TV.
I'm the boss of me.

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