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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Challenge

I finished the filling in of roses on Briar Rose.  All I have left to do it put in a few yellow centers and it is done!!!  Yeah!!  This was a hard stitch.  Too repetitive of a design.  Hard to see thread.  Charts that could have been better.  But I'm nearly done.  Whew.

I got the Sue Spargo kit yesterday.  This is what a forty dollar kit looks like.

It is butt ugly.  Now this is the challenge:  how to make an ugly kit into something I like and that I think is beautiful or at least cute.  I respond to color and music.  So the first job, since music is not involved, is to see what colors I can live with.  I went to the nice fabric store after Pilates and chose four new colors of wool felt.

I have some leftover wool scraps from the flowered mat I made last year.  I haven't gone digging for those yet.  Then there is the pattern of a bird.

 I don't like the shape of the bird at all.  Not the head, not the tummy, not the tail, not the feet.  So I am going to reshape him (or her) a bit.  I don't like the plaid material at all.  Maybe I can replace that with some from my stash.
 There are no directions - at all.  Do we sew something together before class?  If so, what size seam allowance to we use?   I am assuming that the class time will be spent adding embellishments in the form of thread, beads and stitches.  Do I just wait and hope that I will like it after the embellishments are added?  Not a chance.  I guess you could say that I am going to "Amyize" it.  There are no flowers on it.  I'll have to put some on.  That will "Amyize" it for sure.

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