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Monday, July 2, 2012


I am old enough (and so are my clothes!) that I just throw everything together in the washer.  I confess that I threw in Mr. Snowman too. Don't worry - he survived.   He washed up nicely and I ironed him.  He looks much better now.  I have to find some fabric to finish him.  I think maybe something "snowy" in blue and white.  I have to look through my stash and see if I have anything.  I finished a stocking for my niece in blue and white and sparkly material so I probably have some left over.

I must have been on a finishing kick yesterday.  Sometimes I have to mull things over in my head for a few days before I am ready to act.  I decided how to finish the little slipper.  I glued the top to mat board.  Then I glued the wool to the mat board.  I found just the right color of rick rack and am going to glue it on the top edge.  Then I made some twisted cording and I am going to glue it around the edge.  Then it will be done-done.

I also sewed together one of the stitched-on-a-plane strawberries.  I am still deciding how to do the leaves.  The pattern has a spider web in green on top but I don't like that look so I cut some shapes out of green wool.  I haven't got it exactly right yet. But I will get there.

I am working on "L" on Beautiful.  Three more letters and I will reach the other side.  That's progress.

I decided to change the bottom stitch on Briar Rose.  I used a long arm cross instead of cross stitching over one.  Why make things hard when you don't need to?  I looked up some other overdyed pinks to make flowers out of.

I put in just a few stitches in Mute But not Silent.
So the goals for today are:
Finish three more letters on Beautiful
Work on the bottom corners of Mute But Not Silent
Try a new pink on Briar Rose
Get the guide lines on the next sunflower on Temari #1
Stay calm and carry on.


  1. Hi Amy, Your little slipper is so cute. Are you going to make the other of the pair??? I think felt leaves on the strawberry would be better than spider web too - give a more 3D look. Congratulations on the Snowman - looking at him must make you feel cooler?

  2. I just received my Briar Rose kit in the mail the other day and need to get ging on it! You are making nice progress...