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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Next Thing

I got back to stitching on my regular projects once I finished the Merry Cox retreat ones.  I finished up the first sunflower on my temari and started the second one.  There are four on this temari.  I'm a couple weeks behind in the class.  I try to do a little bit everyday.  The second sunflower looks better than the first but of course this is my "learning" temari.

I finished Mr. Snowman!  Yeah!  It was hard to get all that backstitching done.  I found an alphabet that I liked in the same book as Mr. Snowman and used that.  I scanned the alphabet, cut out the letters for "Claire" and pasted them on graph paper so I could count and find the middle.

 I think it turned out well.  I was debating whether to throw the whole thing in the laundry and wash it or wash it by hand.

It was a good mail day yesterday.  DH brought in the mail and was admonishing me for buying more stuff.  But I told him I hadn't bought anything lately.  The package was the pre-stitching for the Jackie DuPlessis classes I am taking at the Needlework Guild of Minnesota's retreat in August.  Yeah, something new to start.  I started both kits.  Briar Rose is going to be a challenge as it is mostly over one with one strand of silk.  There are like 20 flowers and each one takes several hours.

 I'm not sure I like the color of overdyed silk used in "Beautiful".  I think it needs to be darker and I want a more teal and gold floss.  So I need to dive in my stash and see if I can find Gloriana's Highland Meadow.  I think I have some somewhere (famous last words).

I got this little slipper finished and was trying to put it together.  The glue stick didn't work.  I don't like the recommended, whip stitch together part.  I'm still thinking what to do.  I was very happy to find wool in a color that goes with the stitching.
Time to get busy!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your BFF. I love your little strawberry with the Make Much of Time saying...could you share whose pattern this is or where we might find it.
    Summer is a fun time for road trips! pj