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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Okay, so I thumbed through about seven Inspirations Magazines looking for designs for my casket.  There is incredible embroidery in them but I wonder if I can do it justice.  I am waiting for just the perfect design and I haven't found it yet.  But I keep finding projects I want to stitch.  I keep saying to myself  "Oh, yeah, I meant to stitch that".  There is one project in almost every issue that I'd like to make.

I worked on the backing for the Stitching Chair Necessaire and got to my goal of getting one side done.  So today I am starting the other half.

I looked up the charts for Mr. Snowman and found his other hand.  So my goal today is to stitch that hand which is holding a broom which has a mouse on it.

I still need to finish the ship motif as I didn't touch it yesterday.
We got the most adorable photo of Claire.  I couldn't resist posting it.


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