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Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's been a busy day already.  I've been to the Farmer's Market and Pilates and Panera.  Yesterday I only worked on the Stitching Chair Necessaire's pin cushion and I am almost done.  Next comes the back piece that has a border and alphabet.  Then I can put the whole thing together.

I made some lists for my Cabinet of Curiosities.  That will help me decide what I want to put on my casket besides the poem.
Fruits and Flowers I like:  most any flowers but especially tulips, strawberries

Motifs I like ;  ship, crowns, hearts, delft tiles

Animals I like :  bird, bee, bunny, butterfly, dragonfly
I want my casket to be more of a modern design and I don't really like people motifs.

We get more motifs next month.  I want to print out the ones we got and try to put ones that I like on the cabinet template shapes and just see what they look like.  I want to do everything in cross stitch so I want to take some charted designs I like and free designs and print them out and arrange them also.  I have a Dover book of designs somewhere.  If I can find it, that may give me some ideas too.  I think it is called a "Mash-Up"  when you take parts of a bunch of things and make a new design.  This is exciting!

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  1. Amy, the colours for the Stitching Chair Necessaire are lovely aren't they. Did you choose them or are they as charted. I look forward to seeing/hearing what you do choose to put on our cabinet. Your choices would suit me too although I would probably want to add an acorn as well.