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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Big Finish

I finished the Second Bookmark!  I really like it.  I order frames from a place in Ohio but they don't cut them any smaller than about 5 inches.  Otherwise I would be tempted to frame this.  I know I could put a mat on it to make it bigger.  I'll have to think if I want to make this into a bookmark like the other one or what.  I'm glad to have this done so I can concentrate on my other projects.

I was frustrated with Mute But Not Silent as I had to frog a motif twice.  ARGH.  The charts for this are divided into three sections (chapters) and I am nearly done with section one.  Some motifs are more interesting than others.  I am working on a large interesting motif with Captain Hoytesma's ship in it.

I worked my way up to the alphabet on the Stitching Chair Necessaire.  Each letter is done in one of four stitches: smyrna, four-sided, palestrina knot or rice stitch.  Sometimes I think designers try to give us busy work.  This alphabet seems like busy work.  I changed the color of the alphabet.  There is so much green in the backing that I wanted to do the alphabet in a different color so I chose an overdyed pink similar to DMC 223.

Only two weeks until I go to the June Retreat.  I still have to finish the pin keep.  I'd better get cracking.


  1. Those are some really beautiful bookmarks, amy! I totally agree that you should frame them. Maybe you can contact Jill Rensel's Studio - she can make anything!

  2. I am liking your pink lettering - design does seem to favor a lot of green ; )