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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I sat down and cut out and taped up the design for the casket's right side.  I'm not sure there is enough stuff on it but I'll ask and see what the teacher thinks.  I think I might have to come up with some more bugs.

I finished the Stitching Chair Necessaire and it is history!  It is on the arm of my stitching chair.  Done!

I worked on Mr. Snowman and it needs just a bit more snow and backstitching like crazy.  I think I still like the felt Sugar Plum Fairy best.  But to be fair I need to totally finish Mr. Snowman into a stocking before deciding.

I put the divisions on my temari ball.  I have to check and see if they are even/equal and then I can actually start stitching the design.

The windmill is finished.  Next to the windmill is the hall of Justice which looks hard.  But one step at a time, the outline of the Justice building is a breeze.

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  1. My oh my. Amy, your needle has been exceeding the speed limit! A finish, an almost finish, a design and a windmill. Well done. I love the design for the casket - how about a dragon fly or a teensy weensy spider?