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Friday, June 15, 2012


I have been auditioning ideas for my casket.  I got some stash in the mail from The French Needle.  I saw some designs on their site that just clicked with me (the birds).  I was delighted to get them so soon.

  I put together some ideas and I think they just may work.  The size of the graph is what it would be worked on 32 count linen.  I know that things change how they look when they are stitched.  So I would like to try stitching some of these motifs to see how they really look IRL.  And of course, I want to change some of the colors.  I am not totally sure of the center design.  It may need another flower or two.

But the effect is very close to what I am looking for.  While perusing ebay I a came across a Marjolein Bastien chart that I have and thought "wow, those motifs are really nice and I might be able to work some into my casket."  So I'll have to dig around and see if I can find it.

We didn't happen to get the table yesterday.  For retired people, we are really busy.  We have been watching the Euro soccer championship all week, two games every day.  DH loves soccer.  I vacuumed the area in the living room in anticipation though.

Since I'm traveling next week, I have to kit up some small projects to take with me.  I finished another little bird on Mr. Snowman.  I am so close to being done!  A bunny, orange and snow and backstitching.

I got a lot done on the windmill.  I reached the bottom of the design.  I've been working on this three weeks and it is going pretty fast.

I want to thread wrap the temari today. We'll see if I get that far!

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  1. I love the "first" design you have for your casket. That border of green leaves is a great idea. You must include your birth flower - I have a tea towel with birth flowers on it. Perhaps Dr Google can help you find yours.