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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Steady Progress

I went back to Mr. Snowman yesterday and finished out page two of the chart.  On to page three which is not too much and will go quickly.  But then I realized that he is missing a hand!  There must be more to the chart pages than I thought.

I got half of the border to The Stitching Chair Necessaire done and am slowly working on the letters.  I'd like to get this half of the backing done today.

I got Captain Hoytesma's ship, the Honsfer, stitched.  I am almost to the right side.  I want to finish the ship motif today and move on to another.

I realized that I have a great resource for designs for the casket .   I have years and years of Inspiration Magazines.  I'll have to look through those (time sink) and see if there is anything in them I can use.  I also figured out that I can print out graph paper and then print potential casket designs on the graph paper.  But I have to find 16 to an inch graph paper to simulate the 32 count linen over 2 that I might use.  The computer is a wonderful thing.

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  1. What a brilliant idea about the graph paper! Hope the snowman gets his hand today.