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Saturday, June 9, 2012


I ate too much and it's not even lunch time yet.  I had breakfast as usual then was off to the Farmer's Market.  I had to hurry because I was meeting two friends for breakfast at 9.  Nine is pretty late to eat breakfast and I was just going to have coffee.  But when I got to the restaurant I had to have one of their famous cinnamon rolls.  Then the waitress went by with pancakes.  I haven't had a pancake in forever, I just wanted a bite of one.  So I ordered a "lite" breakfast - and a cinnamon roll.  Then on the way out, I bought a cupcake.  So today I have had two full breakfasts.  Shame on me. (Both were delicious!)  I told DH the cupcake was for him.  But if he won't eat it, I will.

I got to my goal on Mr. Snowman.  The broom and mouse are done and I am moving on to the toe of the stocking.

I am still working on the star cartouche.  I'm sure I can finish it today.  Windmill next?  Maybe.

I almost made it around with the border.  This is getting close to being done.  I got stuffing yesterday so I can finish the pin cushion.

I also bought the last of LNS's 40 count linen to play with.  I've learned a new term, doodle cloth.  I want to embroider a couple of stems to see how they look and see if I want to continue and make the top to the casket.  I want my casket to be beautiful and delicate and show skillful stitching.
Maybe I'll have the rest of the cinnamon roll for lunch.

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  1. Pleased to hear you enjoyed the breakfasts. A treat once in a while is excellent! I started a doodle cloth years ago - I should dig it out and use it again. I think I put it away so I wouldn't stitch everything twice - but better safe than sorry. Also I meant to say how much I liked the photo of Claire - she's looking gorgeous.