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Monday, June 25, 2012

Squirrel's Nest Getaway - Day One

To begin, I was too nervous about my trip to cross stitch much so I worked on the temari.  I took out my first try on the sunflower and reread the directions and tips and tried again.  Much better!  I was supposed to  do seven rounds but didn't read the directions correctly and did six.  I think I can still add a seventh row even though I started the second color.  I keep forgetting to weave it over then under the first color.  It is taking shape and I like it.
At lunch time DH took me over to the Airport.  I have two hops to make.  First one to Detroit and second one to Cincinnati.  Both flights are so short that they don't even serve drinks.  It is a driveable distance but I hate driving and the airfare was worth it to me.  The time between flights was just enough to eat an Asiago bagel from Einstien Bros - my favorite eating spot in the Detriot Airport. I'm stitching a sweet strawberry with a strawberry design on it on my flights.

  As I am making my way to baggage claim in Cincinnati I discover 3 phone messages from my BFF who is meeting me here.  She came into a different airport and rented a car and drove down to pick me up.  So I call her back and she is at the top of the escalator and I am at the bottom.  That was how easy it was to find each other.  Things are going great.
On her way to pick me up, my BFF had stopped at the Holiday Inn Express but found out that we are staying in a different Holiday Inn.  Luckily the 12 year old (that how old she looked) working there printed out directions to our actual hotel and told her to go to the airport NOW to pick me up as the traffic is horrendous this time of day.
So after we get my bags, we are driving to our actual hotel and having a hard time finding it.  My navigational skills could land us in Timbuktu. We end up going back to the wrong hotel and using the 12 year old's printed directions to get us to the actual hotel.  It is nice that this hotel has a chain restaurant attached to it, so we eat there.  We are planning on going to Longaberger's headquarters tomorrow as we have a free day.  We are both exhausted but happy to have made it to our destination.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about Day Two.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Sorry you had trouble finding your hotel!

  2. Pleased to hear your meeting with BFF went so smoothly.
    That strawberry looks sweet but done on awfully fine linen.
    Longabergers. Is that the building that is shaped like a basket? Looking forward to Day Two

  3. It sounds like you had a good time in spite of it all. Can't wait to hear more about your grand adventure!

  4. Hi Amy! It's Nancy from New York. We met at the class on Saturday. I've been enjoying your blog. So, have you (turbo stitcher!) finished Palais yet??? I wish Barbara and I had known about Longaberger. I would love to go there. Maybe next time. I think I might actually stitch today! Nancy