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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sundry Bits

Some days I should just stay in bed, then I wouldn't mess anything up.  I was almost done with the border of the Stitching Chair Necessaire.  I was nearly to that point where the sides and the bottom match up.  It is always a worry.  Have I made a mistake ?  Will I be lucky and they mesh perfectly?  Bad news.  The sides were one stitch off.  Now to find the culprit.  Oh no, way down the side by the other half of the alphabet I made an "S" that was one stitch too big.  Do I leave it?  DH says he can't even tell.  No way.  I want this to be well done.  So it may look like I have done nothing but I have been taking out each "S" and putting it back in one stitch higher, working my way back to the mistake.  ARGH.  I am almost there, only two more S's to go.  See that top "S"?  That's the one with the mistake.

I got a sweet chickadee done on Mr. Snowman.  I have started a bunny.

I worked a bit on the June retreat piece.  I want to put a crown in the middle and I have a great pattern with many crowns to choose from.  But where is it?  I am actually considering cleaning out the laundry basket full of junk to see if I can find it.  Unfortunately, I know that would take all afternoon.  We'll see......

I looked up the next chapter of Mute But Not Silent.  There is a little cradle that would be an easy stitch.  I may try and do that today.

I have been thinking about the design of my casket.

 I think the theme I want is flowers with lace and birds.  Now to find designs I like.  So I like Victoria Samplers lace bits.  I'll have to look up the charts that I have.  I have two Christiane Dahlbeck books with a treasure trove of flower designs.  And I could spent a fortune at The French Needle getting some more designs.  I want to print out some of the designs and arrange them and see what I think.  It takes me a long time thinking about stuff to decide.  But that's my prerogative, I'm a girl.

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  1. Oh Amy! I do sympathise with you finding the error and having to reverse. last night I did the same - found the error I mean. Haven't reversed yet as I just packed up in disgust and went to bed. Hope your day goes well today and you make up the lost ground.