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Thursday, August 24, 2017

What's Behind Door #3?

The last package I got on Monday was an order from The Attic.  I had been hoping that Theresa Baird would publish these designs.  BFF#2 is stitching three (!)  Heart's Ease samplers.  They are quite complex.  Someday I want to stitch Theresa's Sojourner sampler, I love that flower border.

 I got four charts.  These aren't really just charts as there are so many pages and are expensive as charts go.
It only uses two colors and doesn't look too hard.
I have wanted this a really long time.
These are two teaching pieces that look very intriguing.

These last two call for Belle Soie silk.  I thought I had some and went looking.  I could only find one and it wasn't the right color so I had to order the silks.
These charts alone could keep me busy for a year. (Or two!)
Most of these charts are recommended for 40 count over two.  But 36 will also work.  I have to figure out what fabric works for me.


  1. I love her designs! I've seen her work online, but not in printed charts! I feel the need to shop! :-)

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  3. Theresa is the best! I stitched her Delaware Sampler, it was my favorite stitch ever.

  4. Beautiful kits.
    Cottage By The Sea is awesome!

  5. oooo, you have some beauties there!!