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Monday, August 14, 2017

My Name Is

  When I was in 4th grade, I liked imaging that my name was "Amelia Josephine". It sounded fancier. But now I really like having a short name. I finished this up in July.

 It is a Cricket Collection chart for "May"  but I changed things around to make it say "Amy".  I left off the two girls on the end.

 I think it turned out fine; there were times I wasn't sure it would look okay.
I'll probably frame it and hang with my other "Amys".

The bathrooms are clean, the walking is done.  The goal for today is to clean off the old stitching chair as BFF#2 might come over to stitch tomorrow.  I'm also expecting a package from Needle in a Haystack today.  It is always so fun to get a package.


  1. Amy, I think it turned out super. I like your 'Amy' wall.

  2. That turned out cute, what a great idea.