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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Matchy Matchy

When we went to visit Claire, I had the opportunity to ask her what she wanted for Christmas.  I know, it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas but it was an opportunity to talk to her in person and ask questions.  She said she would like a matching outfit for her and Natalie, her American Girl doll.  So we looked through the American Girl catalog but didn't really find anything.  Actually, she would have been happy with any set of outfits.  I didn't see anything I liked especially.  Then my DIL suggested I make matching outfits.  I hadn't even thought of that.  I could do that.

When I got home I looked at patterns and there were several cute ones.  DIL had suggested maybe a sundress.  I found two patterns that I wanted to try.  With help from DIL with measurements I made Claire and Natalie matching dresses.  DIL sent me the most wonderful photo.
I just love this photo.
I am in the middle of making the second set of dresses.  The doll's dress is almost done but Claire's dress needs to be taken apart and remade.  The straps are over 4 inches too long and the bodice is about 4 inches too wide.  Claire is thin.  Ugh.   Good thing that I have a lot of time until Christmas.


  1. Love the summery fabric. They look so cute.


  2. A very cute pic of Claire, she's growing fast!
    The dresses are too cute.