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Friday, August 4, 2017

Eye Candy

This post is for Rebecca who is going to a class with Alison Cole next week.  I'm jealous!
This all started because of Facebook.  I saw a darling kit on Facebook and looked up the designer.  Then I starting reading Alison Cole's blog when she was chronicling her trip to the UK.  She is an Australian embroidery designer.  Well then I looked at her website.  And her kits.  Okay, I caved.  I ordered several of her kits.  She was out of the country when I ordered so I didn't hear from her for a couple weeks.  I thought maybe my order didn't go through.  I'll was just going to leave it at that.  But she got back to Australia and she  moved into a new studio.  Then she let me know that the kits I ordered were being made up and would be sent shortly.  I know things sent from Australia can take a long time.  I was on trips of my own so it didn't matter if it took a while.  Last week I got the kits.  Four of them.  They are so cool.

First is the kit that caught my eye to begin with:
It is a little hard to see but there is a stumpwork pansy and leaves that fits into a watch fob.  I love it!
 I couldn't resist these two butterflies:

What I didn't even realize when I ordered these kits is that they come with a small mirror to set the butterfly on and a glass dome to display them in.  Cool,
 I am just a sucker for strawberries.  To me this looks like a book cover.  Love it.
I haven't started anything yet as I have too many irons in the fire.
 Rebecca, have fun at Alison Cole class, show me what you are making and tell her "Hi" from me!

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  1. Those look like some very nice kits.
    Have fun stitching them!