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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Colour and Cotton

FlossTube got me into more trouble.  I heard flosstubers talk about Colour and Cotton and the monthly fabric and overdyed floss clubs.  So I thought I would try it.  I like the clubs already because they didn't make me wait forever.  I got my first fabric of the month.
Now I don't usually like overdyed fabric.  I stitch in hand and it is usually too floppy and I can't see the holes.  But this club lets you choose what kind of fabric.  I think I requested evenweave in neutral colors.  I think I can stitch on this.  Some people got blue so I was a bit envious.  This color will go with a number of designs.
This week I got the floss club colors.  Very interesting.  I used to get monthly floss from HDF Vikki Clayton.  I really liked her silks but, alas, she doesn't do that anymore.  I got some nice colors that I think I can use.
I did two hard things yesterday.  I took apart the sundress for Claire to alter it.  Ugh.  Then I stitched something I was scared that I would mess up.  But it turned out alright.  I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. I recently joined color and cotton's fabric of the month, but I have not received my fabric yet. It looks really pretty...I can't remember if I chose neutrals or any colors, so I guess mine might be a surprise. Her threads are really pretty too.

  2. The fabric looks nice, and the floss colors are so pretty.
    Enjoy them!