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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome August

Good morning!  I'm back.  July went very fast.  I learned some things about myself last month.  I actually missed posting.  Several friends told me that they missed my blog.  I had a great month with trips to see DS#2 and DS#1.  So a third of the month was spent traveling.  I must tell you about my trip to California.  First of all, everything in California is expensive.  The weather was nice a warm and sunny.  I got to see Claire and Evan and enjoyed that so much.  I just wish they lived across the street instead of across the county.
I visited Claire's school.  I was so delighted when she showed me the Button Sewing work.
There is just no cuter kid around than Evan.  He is just adorable.  He is especially interested in dogs.  I looked up a video on YouTube of a dog barking and Evan was transfixed.
We did many more fun things which I will tell you more about tomorrow.
What stitching got done in July?
A major thing got totally finished.  The Shepherd's Bush afghan is d o n e, done!  Many thanks to Chris who finished up the stitching on this UFO.  For a while I couldn't find the blanket satin edging that I bought.  But BFF#2 asked if her stitching chair in my sewing room was cleaned off and so that motivated me to find the edging and sew it on the afghan.

It has been folded and needs ironing.
I will send this off to my nephew and his wife who are expecting a baby girl on my birthday in October.
It is good to be back.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Welcome back. I missed you!

  2. Yippee so glad you are back, mornings were not the same!!

  3. I missed your posts. Glad you are back!

  4. Delighted you're back, I really missed your daily posts!

  5. I love that afghan. What a lucky baby. So glad that you enjoyed your California visit. I am also glad that you are back to blogging.

  6. We all missed you! Welcome home!
    But glad you had time with the kids and Grandkids.
    That's a cute pic of you and them.
    The Afghan looks so soft and pretty.

  7. The Wallet is so pretty.
    I had an accident like that recently too. ;)
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