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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fun in San Jose

We had such fun visiting the grandkids.  There is the most marvelous park that is for all kids.  I think it is called Magic Bridge.  Even little Evan could enjoy many things.
One day we went shopping at a mall and there was a Tesla place.  It was fun to check out a Tesla.  Wow.  What a car!  I would love one just for the "assisted driving".
Then we got cupcakes for Claire's half birthday celebration.
We also stopped in downtown Palo Alto and passed this chocolate sh
op.  This was the most expensive chocolate I have ever seen.  I think it was 72 bucks a pound.  I got a couple of pieces to try.  It was wonderful.

What stitching do I have to show you today?
Very old stitching.  I stitched these a while back and they happened to be on the top of the basket of things needing finish-finishing.  I have a wire basket that has a few egg shapes in it and I finished these off and added them to the basket.
If the stars align, I may get to go to House of Stitches tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Cute Grandkids, and great finishes.
    Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your break from blogging. :)