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Monday, May 1, 2017


I'm just back from Indianapolis.  Oh my goodness, what a trip I had!  This is my first time driving down to Indianapolis all by myself.  I rented a car but had a terrible time trying to open the trunk.  I had to call the rental place to see if they could help me.  Luckily, they did.  I was able to take lots of stuff since I had a whole car to fill up.  I had my GPS, Matilda, but she wanted to go a different way than I wanted to go.  She sent me down small local roads.  I was so frustrated, I was yelling at her as I drove.  I stopped to buy a map but the gas station didn't have any.  ARGH.  I have to admit that Matilda got me where I wanted to go, just not how I wanted to go.  Sometimes I don't really trust her.

  Everything was fine once I reached the serene estate also known as Janet's house.  Her place is an oasis.  Think of a place where you are surrounded by all the things you love.  That is Janet's house.

 She had lunch waiting for me.  We ate on her back porch, it was such a nice day.  Then we went up to her studio to see the casket.

 She has everything but the back of her casket all done.  All the drawers are filled with treasures.  Everything on her casket came from ideas out of her head and was made by her hands.  It was just enchanting.  You need to look at it for hours just to see all the details and thoughtfulness that she created.  And oh the work involved with making it.  Truly, photos don't do it justice.

She should make a book all about her casket.  She could, as she has written several books.  Her studio is the most wonderful place.  I could go on and on.
While Janet fixed dinner, I took a walk around her house.  There is a secret garden across a bridge and passed a fairy house.

Her lilac bush was in full bloom.

I got to meet Janet's husband who is also very creative.  Dinner was perfect (salmon with strawberry short cake for dessert!)  She knows what I like.
It was fun to talk and catch up and discuss after dinner.  Janet makes a darn good cup of coffee too.
The real treat for me was to get to sleep in Grandmother's bed.
I always wanted a canopy bed when I was a kid.  There is a window at the end of the bed where you can look out at the tops of trees.  The wall inside is filled with treasures and small purses.  There are bird lights on one side.  It was a dream to sleep there.  It was comfortable too.  It was fun to explore the studio and pick a book to read (Delicious Threads).  There are many creations to look at too.

I can't tell you how honored I was that Janet invited me to her house and let me sleep in Grandmother's bed.  I'll remember it always.


  1. You're always welcome here!

  2. Sorry Matilda got you mixed up. :(
    OMG, that's one beautiful casket.
    What treasures she has in her house.

  3. Wow very pretty casket :)
    Sending you love and smiles x

  4. Was Matilda set to avoid highways by any chance?

  5. that casket looks like a museum quality piece - fascinating and unbelievable and the attention to detail - WOW ! thanks for the photos. Always enjoy your travel logs. Mel

  6. Sounds like you are having a great time.
    Brian's books look interesting, and I bet his work is awesome.
    Have fun!