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Friday, May 5, 2017

Indy - Last Day

Sunday was my last day in Indy.  I packed up and checked out of the hotel.  I was a bit worried as I couldn't find my embroidered pin.  I'm afraid I lost it.  I called the hotel but they haven't found it.  A friend is checking with the library also.  Oh well, what can you do?
It is still raining on and off.  Our class today is in Carmel which is 11.9 miles away.  I'll have to trust Matilda to get me there.  There was construction but I made it.  Our class today is Maria Katarin's Mexican Reticule.

We work on making the pre-stitching into a ruler.
Barb got hers all done!

 We also learn a new stitch, the Aztec stitch.  I think I can do it, no problem.

I spend more time talking than stitching.  Marilyn has brought her Book of Beries all done.

 I haven't even started mine.  She lets me take some good pictures of hers so I have a reference if I ever get to stitching mine.  I really do want to make it.
Before you know it, it is lunchtime.  We go to Panera.  I get a whole sandwich so I can eat half of it for lunch and the other half on the drive home.

I'm a little antsy to go home as I know it is a long drive, 4 1/2 hours.  And it is raining.  Matilda got me home, not exactly the way I wanted to go but I was fine.
It sure has been a fun time in Indy.  It was great to see friends.  I enjoyed trying a couple of new restaurants.  The classes were great, Betsy is a good teacher.
 Friends were kind enough to ooh and aah over my show and tell.  Barb gave me lots of rides so I didn't have to drive. (Thanks Barb!)
I'm hoping to come back in September for a couple more classes.  I'm so lucky to know Janet and spend some time with her.  What a treat to meet Brian and see his creations.  I have a lot of kits to get busy on!  My hyacinth is blooming when I get home.


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  1. What great projects.
    Glad you enjoyed your classes.