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Sunday, May 7, 2017


What is better than perusing the internet while sipping hazelnut coffee with the sun brightly shining outside?

Today is the first farmer's market.  It is really cold though.  I'm going just to see what is available.   I imagine there will be a lot of asparagus.  We'll see if the candy lady is there.  She makes the best caramels.

I have something to show you.  I collect waxers. (Sorry for the bad photo)

 My friend Janet gave me two waxers she made with wax from her very own bees.  That makes them really special.  They smell wonderful too.

I also bought a few waxers from a lady.  She made the box.

And she made all these waxers.

 I love the rose.

I love the strawberries.  The tops are buttons turned upside down.

Then there are raspberries and hives.  Cool.

 Some of them are scented.  Do I use these waxers?  No!  They are too cute to use.
I am excited to see Claire and Evan on Facetime.  I missed seeing them last week when I was gallivanting all over Indiana.


  1. You have a nice collection of waxers.
    Love the Strawberries.

  2. Hello Amy, what a wonderful trip and classes you had, the projects were lovely. Those waxers are great, I've never seen anything like that over here, just the usual commercial squares. It's very cold over here, time to cuddle up with a good stitching book. Regards Mandy

  3. Aww love the rose
    So cute x