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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Where's My BAP

I worked on another part of the pre-stitch for June's retreat.  I'm almost done.  I've messed it up already.  I stitched it as I saw it but we got more instructions yesterday.  I'm going to have to gerry-rig it a bit.  I need to put nun stitch around it but I didn't leave enough room so I'm thinking of what I want to do.

Then I got the urge to work on a BAP.  I got Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose by John Singer Sargent a few years ago from Scarlet Quince.  I got to  page two.  Scarlet Quince has an app that will help you stitch it by showing all the stitches of a certain color with just a click.  So cross country stitching is way easier.  I want to download that or set it up on my IPad.  That's the problem with full coverage BAPs, you get lost so easily.  I went looking for the project and it took me half an hour to find it.  But then I was put off by not knowing where I was.  I really do want to work on this.  So what did I do?  I put it down and worked on a different  BAP.   A couple of weeks ago I started Boscobel Oak sampler by Scarlet Letter. This is so ironic as Betsy Morgan said she started Boscobel Oak but she is stitching it so it is reversible.  Is she crazy?  Yes.

I like the colors and it is going well but it will take a lllloooonnnnggg time to stitch it.  Plus most of this sampler is stitched over three threads.

 Only the bottom part is over two.  Oh, yes, it is on 40 count linen.  Am I a masochist?  Evidently.

Do I have more BAPs?  Of course I do.  After a few hours working on something, I need a change, a break in the action or candy.


  1. That's a BAP!
    It will be beautiful though.

  2. I started this sampler a few years ago and began at the bottom. The over two section is complete but I found the over three to be really frustrating. I count vertical linen threads not holes when stitching on linen and it doesn't work for over three! I put it aside a long time ago - maybe you will inspire me to get back to it! Great to see you in Carmel!