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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Close But No Cigar

I am so close to a finish-finish on the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.  I would have been done if I hadn't made a couple of mistakes.  Sewing the lining to one side upside down was very dumb.  I was irritated with myself for not checking everything as I was sewing away.  But it was easily remedied.  I still have a hedebo and button to put on.  In class Betsy even has you take some sewing thread that matches the lining so you have the right color when it comes to sewing things together.  I didn't take enough but I found a floss that matched pretty well and finished up with that.

Now does it fold this way?
Or that way?
I'll have to look at Betsy's to see.

DH told me to get a new pair of walking shoes so I went down to Kohl's and tried some on.  I was not happy with my last pair and needed to try a different brand.  I have awful feet so I really need good support.  The last pair I had, I ended up cutting a hole for my bunion.  That looks so uncool to have holes cut in your shoes.  Hopefully the pair I bought will work well.  They are awfully bright.

I ended up making a banana cake yesterday. A whole cake is way too much for just us two.  DH had a piece just to be polite.  Oh well, it was one way to celebrate Memorial Day.  Across the street they celebrated by smashing apples with a mallet.  Each to his own.

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