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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Indy Day Two

How lucky am I?  Janet is taking me to see some places around Indy today.  First we are going to a quilt store that has a bit of cross stitch stuff.  It is called The Back Door.  Who doesn't love a bit of shopping?  It is very fun to see what they have.  I hadn't seen overdyed Osnaburg fabric before.

  I got a couple of variegated skeins of floss in a brand I don't know.

  They had some bolts of fabric by Tim Holtz.  Very cool, I know I can line things with this fabric.

  I got a little kit for a bag.

 I got the fabric kit for it also.

 I love that the zipper has a fancy pattern on its edges.  It was a fun shop to look around.

We looked around an antique mall.  It is always fun to shop with Janet as she has an eye for the coolest things.  She found some Twenties style hats for a lunch she is going to.  She looks so elegant in them.  I would look like a homeless woman.  It was fun to see all the stuff.  Some toys my kids had are now vintage.  How old does that make me?

We decided to try a new restaurant to both of us, Cheeseburger in Paradise.

 We found that it looked more like a bar.  Not many people were there.  I had a fish sandwich that was wonderfully crispy.  It was good place to try but it isn't really my style.  ( My style is cauliflower and yogurt while watching The Young and the Restless, so consider the source!).

 Then it was time to go see Brian Haggard.  He lives near the antique mall.  Janet, besides being the most creative person I know, knows some very creative people.  Saying Brian is creative is just the biggest understatement of the year.  I brought along some of my stitching to show him.  It is a good thing I showed him my stuff first as I would have been embarrassed to show him anything of mine after seeing what he has made.  Brian is just the friendliest, funniest person.  It was a joy to see the quilts that will be in a solo show in Lincoln Nebraska quilt museum.  In the show there will be about 25 quilts that Brian has made and embellished with embroidery.  Each one knocked my socks off.  Each one has a story too.  There wasn't enough time to see everything.  We walked through his apartment, each room was stunning. Oh, my, please let me come back and see more.  Brian has several books out and plans in his head for several more.

He teaches classes and they must be so much fun.  I was overwhelmed with all the things I saw.  Many thanks to Brian for letting me see some of this things.

It was time to say goodbye to Janet and check into the hotel across the street from the classes I'm taking.  I only had one wrong turn on my way there but I made it.  I love the room.

 I love the shower.

  What a great time I had with Janet!
  Now to get ready for the classes.


  1. It was so wonderful to meet you in person and to see all your beautiful things - I'm still amazed at the bird and all the other beauties your brought! If you have time, you should come to our auction on Sunday! Or, if you ever attend a class again, and I am able, we'll go out to dinner. That weekend was tough for me as my sis and niece were visiting from Florida and were leaving on Monday. Next time though - count on it!

  2. Enjoy your classes. It looks like you are having a good time already. I love that zipper.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time.
    Brian's books look interesting, and I bet his work is awesome.
    Have fun!

  4. Wow it's look like you having so much fun
    I am so happy for you
    Sending you lots of love x

  5. We had a wonderfully warm day today also. I love your projects. They are so pretty.