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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Indy Day Three

My hotel is across the street from where our classes with Betsy Morgan will be for the next two days.  I love it, easy driving and I know where I am going.  We have two classes at the library which is very nice.  I decide to be good and do some walking as the area looks nice and safe.  I go to the library and park then plan to walk around the block to get the lay of the land.  Very near the library is the sheriff's department.  I walk until I get nearly 5000 steps and then turn and go back.  On the way I stop at a McDonald's for breakfast.  While I am eating I look across the parking lot and there is a store called Always in Stitches.  It's too early to be open yet but I check out the hours posted on the door.  Hey, there are open at 9:30 tomorrow and class doesn't start until 10 so I will have time to stop and check them out.

I get back to the library and find the room.  It is nice and large.

  Our class today is Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.

 I am excited because I really want to make this.  BFF and other friends are here.  This is just the most fun to get a new kit and stitch.  Betsy Morgan is a great teacher, very down to earth, generous with thread and materials in the kit and laid back.  She isn't offended if you want to change something.  She wants to see what you did.  I like her very much. One of the inspirations for this design is an antique that Betsy has.

 We work on finishing our pre-work into a needle book.  This involves ironing on interfacing, putting in skirtex, and picking out the color of silk dupioni that we want for the lining.  Before we know it, it is time for lunch.  Barb and I go to Perkins.  I'm bad.  There is a delicious looking pecan roll in the case.  I get one along with a fish sandwich.  Yum.
Then we are back stitching.  Chris. who is a prolific and phenomenal stitcher had offered to finish my Shepherd's Bush afghan that I started forever ago.  I gave her the afghan at Spring Fling.  She gives it back to me all done - already!

I still don't know what I am going to do with it but I will finish it by putting some of that gauzy material on the back and tying it with yarn.  I wonder if she cleaned up the back of the stitching as it looks nice and neat.
By the end of the day my needle book is done.

It feels so good to have finished something.  Tomorrow we will go through all the instructions and finishing in the morning.
A bunch of us decide to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  It is raining outside which makes finding this place challenging.  I've never eaten there so it is fun to try something new.  They have peanuts on the table.  I try not to over indulge.  They also serve warm fresh rolls with cinnamon butter.  Oh my.  I could just eat that for dinner.  By the time we are done, it is raining cats and dogs.  It is really really busy and very loud there.  It is hard to talk to people across the table.
When I get back to the hotel, I am so tired that I just lay down.  I don't even have the energy to brush my teeth.  It is storming outside.  More tomorrow.


  1. Wow so much fun :)
    I am so happy for you
    Sending you love x

  2. I know where you are/were!! We meet at Always in Stitches every other month for a stitch-in! I hope you enjoyed your visit!!

  3. This looks like a great class with great projects.