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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Back to the Furture

I am back to normal now.  I came home from my Indy trip and just didn't know where to start.  I have the new kits, the old stuff I was working on and finishing to do.  New stuff is way more exciting than old stuff so I worked on the Virgin Queen Stitching Wallet.  This is where I am:

Then I got a package while I was away.  It is from the Buffalo Guild that I belong to.  It was a free chart by Theresa Baird.  It is celebrating the guild's 20th anniversary.

 I have wanted to try one of her charts but was a bit afraid as they look to be a lot of work.  I have a chart of hers also that I haven't started.  But I love a free chart!  I thought it was funny that it says "An Original Exclusive Design"  when the layout shows this is the same design for the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild in 2010.

I am going to a memorial service today.  I haven't worn a dress in quite a while.  We'll see if I can pull it together.  It is a beautiful day outside.  The first farmer's market of the year is tomorrow.  This is the time of year I love.

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  1. The free pattern looks like a great project.