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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Good Start

I got a good start on the last flap for the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.  I want to finish the lowest row today.  I changed the row above the last row to strawberries from apples.

I think the whitework row will be challenging to see.  I'll probably have to use the magnifier for that one.  Then the top row I'm going to do as charted, in apples.

I worked hard on the mystery project.  It is going slowly because there is a ton of confetti.  I began with the strategy of starting in the top left corner.  Then I used the strategy of a jigsaw puzzle.  I tried to get all the edges in first and then build around that.  Yesterday I decided to pick a 10 by 10 square and finish all of it.  I didn't quite finish but at least I didn't get lost.  I want to finish off that square today.  I tend use the  "cross country" method of stitching.
When this rectangle of stitches is all done, it will be only one tenth of the design.  What was I thinking?  But it is fun to work on.

Three weeks from tomorrow, I'll be going to a retreat!  I'll be with both BFFs and we will have so much fun.


  1. Great progress on both.
    Another retreat sounds like fun. :)