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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me!  In some ways I am sorry that my kids are all grown up.  Then in some ways I am counting my lucky stars.  They both turned out great.  I'm hoping I was a decent mom.  I spent my gift card from DS#1 and I got roses from DS#2.

I started something entirely different yesterday.  I was looking for a kitted up Just Nan project and happened to run across the Barbara Jackson kit from the Shining Needle class of three eggs.

 So I thought I would start it.  It is done in mostly mosaic stitch.  But I was short tempered yesterday and  said (like Stitcherista) a whole lotta nope on that one.  So after I stitched the top flower, I just decided to cross stitch the rest, mostly.
Here is where I got to:

Hey, it is almost finished.  It sure feels good to get close to finishing something.  Well, of course, there are two more to do.

I started the backstitch around the next part of the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.  It was a little irritating when it didn't match up.  But I found my error and fixed it so I'm ready to start the pretty stitching.

I went to the closer but smaller Farmer's Market today.  I got some very good salmon pate.  Yum.  It is an absolutely gorgeous day today.   Walking was a treat.  Can't wait to talk to Claire and Evan.