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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wonderful Day

It is a wonderful day.  I didn't need a coat or sweater or anything to go walking this morning.  Such comfortable and pleasant weather.  There are baby birds in the rhododendron.  The snowball bush is in full bloom.  Stocks are plentiful in the park.  Lovely day!

I finish-finished the Drawn Thread pocket.

 I wasn't sure whether to put a button and hedebo to close it.  The picture of the project doesn't show one, so I just left it as is.

I am working on the next flap of the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.

I am deciding on the motifs for the Virgin Queen's Stitching Pocket.

I also started something new.  It's a mystery.  You have to guess what this will be.  I think seeing a project develop is the most fun of cross stitching.  So after a couple of hundred stitches, this is what it looks like.

Have a spectacular day!


  1. Yayy love your sweetest finish and it is so cute
    Love your other projects too
    You stitch awesome
    Love you x

  2. We had a wonderfully warm day today also. I love your projects. They are so pretty.

  3. You have been one busy gal, Miss Amy! I've missed so many posts. 😢 Your Drawn Thread sewing pocket is really pretty. The pattern reminds me very much of another of their patterns, The Riddle, I think? I can't wait to see the Queen's pocket all stitched and finished. How many queen pieces do,you have? Did you see the new piece in Inspirations magazine (at least I think it was new). It was a beaded something - now I can't remember what, but I thought of you immediately and think you should check it out. I think you'll love it. Enjoy the pretty weather!

  4. The DT pocket is so pretty.
    Great progress on the Wallet.
    Can't wait to see more of the mystery.

  5. I love that afghan. What a lucky baby. So glad that you enjoyed your California visit. I am also glad that you are back to blogging.
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