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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Second Class

I had ideas of getting up early and getting to the park in time to get my walking in before class started.  Didn't happen.  Today's class was much more laid back as we had 12 students.
The class today is based on a Scottish sampler that Linda designed.

We are making My Bonnie Dearie Sewing Purse:
The body of the purse is a beautiful purple linen.  The dupioni silk lining is fantastic as it looks purple from one direction and green from the other.
We are working on 36 count linen over one (mostly).  Linda went through all the steps to finishing the bag.  It will be easy to do.  Then we learned a new stitch, Victorian Step Stitch.  It is a very good stitch for a grassy effect.  The verse on the purse is from Robert Burns.
We had fun putting together the scissors fob.
People started going home after lunch.  I wanted to get an early start.  So I left too.  Unfortunately, I missed a turn (I couldn't get over to take the exit).  ARGH.  Then I got on US 23.  Big mistake.  That road is torn up and more of a mess than you can imagine.  Cars were bumper to bumper and the road is closed for several miles.  ARGH.  I finally made it to the road I was looking for and then I was okay.  I even made it home in time to talk to Claire and Evan for few minutes.  So everything worked out.
I am leaving tomorrow morning for some classes and visiting in Indiana.  So I'll be back next week with more tales of my travels.


  1. I love the sampler sweet
    Sending you love x

  2. I love the sampler sweet
    Sending you love x

  3. My Bonnie Dearest Sewing Purse looks completely delightful! Looking forward to seeing your pictures when it's finished. Keziah Campbell is right at the top of my list for next years stash addition (trying to get through this year without buying anything but threads).

  4. Looks like a great project.
    You are always on the go! :)
    Have fun!

  5. Hello Amy, my you're a busy lady, travelling all over the place. Stitchville sounds so exciting, it must have been such fun and you certainly received some great goodies. Your wren is absolutely stunning, the most beautiful kit I've seen in ages. Your Guild classes looked like fun too, lots of kits to choose from. You've certainly started a lot of work that will keep you busy for quite a while I would think. The sampler is beautiful. Regards Mandy