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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Fling Day Two

Last Friday I was very good and got up and went walking even though it was very cold (33 degrees).  I walked out to the main road and then back and around part of the lake.

 We are meeting in the lobby and going to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop this morning.  I always find good stuff there.  We discover that we are really very close to the shop and it doesn't take long to get there.

 Whoa, the parking is full as there is a monthly get together going on.  We have fun finding great fabrics.  It is such a temptation to get stuff to make a quilt.  I'm not even a quilter.  I see a quilt I just love, My Small World by Jen Kingwell.

  It is so cool.  It can be made with lots of scraps.  The pattern comes in a 35 page book.  I resist.  I don't get the book but I want it and may order it.

I see a really nifty tool.  One side holds a seam ripper and the other side holds a stiletto.  I need a stiletto.

They are made by some man in Florida.  It will be a great souvenir.

I find some William Morris fabric.

I also find some London fabric and ask Vickie if she will make me a project bag out of it.  She says yes!

We stop for lunch at Perkins where you can get breakfast all day.  So I have breakfast again.
We are getting excited as the retreat starts this afternoon.  Waiting until 2:30 to get our name tag and packet is excruciating.  There are so many people milling around.

 The room isn't supposed to open until 3.  But there are snacks out already.  This place really knows how to do great snacks.  Finally it is time.
We line up and get our stuff  and find a table in the room.

 We have a full table of five but we need to save a place for my BFF as she is driving from out of state to get here.  It is great to see friends again.
Deb of Stitchville introduces Barb and Alma of Blackbird Designs.

They are so nice and funny and down to earth.  It is great to listen to them chat about how Blackbird Designs started.  Then they show us the original sampler that all our designs are based on.  We get two designs.  One is to be framed  and one is a drum style design.  Neat. I like them.  We get to start stitching.

Then before we know it, it is time to eat dinner.  I start with desserts first.  Oh, my.

Then after dinner we go back to stitching.  I'm still on Eastern time so by ten, I'm pooped and ready to bed.  I've made good progress.  I've had a great time talking to all my friends and showing off Home Sweet Home.  What a great day!

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