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Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring fling Day Four

It is the last day of the retreat.  Boo-hoo.  Kim and I go walking around the lake.  We go the opposite direction from yesterday.  The lake looks totally different.  It really is nice to have someone to walk with.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about when we got back to the hotel after walking on Saturday.  We were going in the front door and we see someone that looks familiar getting into a car.  It was Peyton Manning!  As we passed the front desk, we asked if it was Peyton Manning.  They said "We cannot confirm or deny" and someone laughed.  It was Tony Dungy!  We think they were keynote speakers at another conference going on in the hotel.

Usually Sunday is just a wrap up day.  But Alma and Barb surprised us.  We punched holes in the top of our heart box so the waxed flowers could be tied on with ribbon.  They told us how to finish the drum pin cushion.  Then they showed a larger sampler based on the original antique one.  And gave us the pattern for it.

This is how far I got on the design that goes in the frame.  The linen is much darker and greener than in this photo.

This is my heart box.

Deb from Stitchville announced that the designer for next year's retreat will be Jeannette Douglas.  Then she is hoping Blackbird Designs will come back in 2018.  We are always afraid that it might be the last year for the retreat so we were happy to hear of plans for the next two years.

Sunday brunch at the hotel is always very good.  Son#1 and DIL come out to eat brunch with me.  My plane doesn't leave until 8 tonight so we get to spend the afternoon together.  I ask them about where Prince's house is as I heard it was close to the hotel.  They drive by it so I can see.  It doesn't look very homey.

Then I talk them into taking me to a craft show in St. Paul.  It is crazy driving into downtown St. Paul.  It is even crazier trying to find a place to park.  Thank goodness Son#1 is driving.  I couldn't handle this.  We go to the River Center where the American Craft Council is having the show.  It is kind of an expensive show but it is very interesting to see everything.  I am looking for a lady that I know is in the show.  I like a jacket and top she makes.  We find her.  I try on the top and she actually will tailor the clothes to fit me!  I order a jacket and top.  When we are done seeing the craft show, we drive to Son#1's house to meet a new member of the family, Phoebe, the cat.  She is a bit shy.

Then I get a call from BFF.  I've accidentally left a project bag under the table at the retreat and BFF found it and picked it up for me.  We decide to meet at a restaurant to get the bag from her.  She is so kind to make sure I get it.

I get my bag.  But we might as well go on to the airport.  So I get dropped off at the airport.  I am amazed that security doesn't take that long.  I have some time to stitch and peruse the internet.  I get on the plane at 7:30.  But when the plane starts moving we are just pushed over to the other side and sit there for over a hour.  It turns out there are thunderstorms in the area and three of the four runways are closed.  Argh.  The smiling friendly flight attendant keeps us supplied with snacks.  The line of planes waiting to take off is quite long so it takes us a while to get our turn.  It was quite a sight to be up in the clouds looking down at a ton of lightning.  I make it home about midnight.  I can't believe that I have over 18,000 steps for Sunday.  Wow, that is close to a record.
I had a great time and enjoyed seeing many friends.  I got to go to the places I wanted to shop (thank you Barb!).  I spent too much money (so what else is new?)  I did some new things (waxed flowers, Briwax).  I met some new friends (Vicki).  There was a very nice display of Blackbird Designs done by retreat attendees.

I had lots of good food.  Deb puts on a great retreat!


  1. What great projects.
    Your box turned out beautiful.
    Sounds like you had a great time at a great retreat.

  2. wow very sweet projects...
    your box is looking so beautiful.
    sending you love and hugs x