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Saturday, April 15, 2017


I finished off the Cross-Eyed Cricket Vintage Egg.  It turned out cute.

I also got the Barbara Jackson Shining Needle kit in the mail.  More eggs!  I really like these.

 There is one thing I don't like about this kit:

I hate when designers say just use the color you want.  I love the mottled green background behind the chicks.  So how do I get that?  She doesn't say.  ARGH.
Eventually there are going to be about 12 egg designs.  Barbara is teaching 3 different eggs at Celebrations.  I'm hoping they will be offered on Shining Needle as well.  I should feel guilty as I have a beautiful Barbara Jackson kit for a basket that I haven't even started.

It is supposed to be hot here today.  Almost 80 degrees!  Wow. I may have to change into shorts. Walking was very pleasant this morning.  The Farmer's Market starts in just a few weeks.  This is a great time of year.


  1. Your vintage egg turned out super. Hmmm, nice kit to receive! Perhaps if you emailed the designer, they would provide the green information.

  2. Your CEC Egg is so pretty, love the green.
    What a great Barbara Jackson kit, so beautiful.
    Now you need to make the basket for all of the eggs. :)

  3. This egg is looking so pretty.
    i love it so much
    Happy easter x