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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Something New

I was kitting up a couple of small projects to take with me to Spring Fling.  I kitted up the Just Nan little birdie thing.

Then I kitted up to make one of the vintage eggs from Cross Eyed Cricket Collection.

 I put a few stitches in, made a counting mistake and turned the fabric around and started again on the other end.  I kept going.  The pattern calls for two strands on 28 count but I suspect I'm using 32 count.  The thread is a little thick.  I wonder what 1 strand would look like.  One strand of silk would probably be perfect.  Here is how far I am:

I am not pleased with the background.  It is polka-doted but you can't tell.  The threads are so close together colorwise that you can't see the pattern.  I would like to stitch this all over again using one strand and changing the colors just a bit.

There was good weather for walking this morning.  I'm thinking of starting to pack for my trip. I leave in four days.  Exciting!

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  1. Those will be a fast stitch for your trip, so cute.