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Monday, January 30, 2017

Update on Home Sweet Home

It really helped to name this project as the WIP that I want to finish this year.  I am very happy to say that I have finished the short side of Home Sweet Home that I was working on.

I started this side eons ago and getting back to it was hard.  But now it is finished!  I laced it onto its board.

Now I have the roof, the bottom and one short side done.  Three more sides to go.

I have started a long side.  I'll show you that tomorrow.

Here is an update on the amaryllis.  I swear it grew an inch at least since yesterday.  This is where it  was last Thursday:

Here it is today:

The bathrooms are clean.  I have to find a mistake that I made on Final Soliloquy.  A row of stitching is not meeting up to where it should.  ARGH.

I am still looking for threads for the Hands-On pin cushion.  Luckily there is the DMC equivalent listed.  I better get busy.


  1. Pretty stitching on the Home Sweet Home design.

  2. So glad you are making progress on your WIP. It is very pretty.

  3. Home Sweet Home is going to be so cute, love the strawberries.
    The Amaryllis grow fast.
    What color will it be?