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Friday, January 13, 2017

Plugging Away

I got the final circle done on the Queen's Ruff.  Whew.  Next is filling in between the circles.  Still not hard.  The first one is messy but I'll get better at it as I go along.

I also discovered a few mistakes as I was going along.  I had worked two wrapped bars to the wrong little white dot.  Ugh.  So I had to take them out and do it again.  But I am very near the last row of stitching.  Wow.  Up close it looks a little messy but farther away and squinting, it looks pretty good.

I am making more candied orange peel.

I haven't eaten all of the last batch but I had some very nice orange peel left that I just had to use instead of throw away.  Plus it drives DH nuts when I make it.  He says "just buy it".  It is very expensive to buy!
I ordered some linen and a chart last weekend.  Both are out of stock.   Just my luck.
Please let the sun shine today.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you're close to a finish.
    Mmmmm, that orange peels looks so good.