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Sunday, January 22, 2017


It is so foggy today.  You can hardly see up the street.  A regular runner on the trail gave me a present yesterday.  It is a light that you can put on your head or carry.

  I usually start off walking when it is still dark.  I tried out the light this morning and it worked great.  I couldn't wear it on my head because all I could see was water drops in the air from all the fog so I just carried it like a flashlight.  Isn't it nice when someone you hardly know gives you a present?

I started on the pin disc from the Passion for Needlework book.  I had some Duchess satin.  I found my micro pen (they have a tendency to disappear when you aren't looking!).

 This design is traced on the backside of the satin.  Being a rebel I had to try tracing on both sides to compare and find out how they are different.  I found that tracing with the micro pen on the wrong side worked fine but you have to be careful not to make unintended lines.

 When tracing on the right side, the ink tended to spread just a bit more.  So I prefer the wrong side.

I put this in a 4 inch hoop.  The disc will be a 3 inch circle when its done.  Now embroidery isn't my forte.  I used the Aver a Soie threads that I had on hand and not the ones called for.  I was not real happy with my stitching at first but as I've put in more and more stitches, it is looking better.

 If I keep working on this, I could finish it today. But right now I need a break.  This project is reminding me of the Flemish Fantasy ornament I started a while back. I'm learning what works when doing embroidery on Duchess satin.

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  1. Those headlights are nice, some people use them for stitching too.
    This is going to be so pretty.