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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Six Circles

I attached (glued!) the lining to the lining boards for Home Sweet Home.  When I went to put it together I discovered I was missing one piece.

I went looking and found the right board.  I just have to cover it with lining fabric and I can put the lining together. I want the lining to be all done so it just slips into the embroidered box.

 I think this is going to work out.  There is a riser board around the bottom edge to hold the tray when it is put in the box.

 I didn't start the tray yet.  I have to sit down and read all the directions for it first.  Each section of the tray has an accessory that fits in it.  Cool.  Progress!

Then I finished one of six circles that are in the next row of the Queen's Ruff.

 It still isn't hard!  I thought this would be the difficult part.  Not!  Easy peasy.  But it took me all day to do this circle.  Hopefully the rest of the circles will go faster.

Some Flosstube video said something about doing 10 stitches a day on a project and they add up to getting a lot done.  So I decided to test out this theory.  I have been putting at least ten stitches in on The Final Soliloquy.  This is the guy's hair and beard.

With my new magnifier, things are going much better.  I don't have to frog so much.

Tomorrow is sweet Claire's birthday.  It will be so great to see her open her present.  She is growing up too fast!

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  1. Great progress on both.
    Happy B-Day to Claire.