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Sunday, January 8, 2017

HB Claire!

It is a special day today.  Sweet Claire has a birthday.  Don't tell her, but she is getting a doll refrigerator.  It's a long story.

I haven't much to show you today.  I worked on one of my Williamsburg pieces that I can't show.  I started all the rest of the circles on the Queen's Ruff.  I think that will make them go faster rather than do an entire one at a time.

My OCD is showing.  I want to make the Just Nan Gingerbread Santa Mouse.  I don't have the called for linen.  I bought some linen at my LNS but it isn't the right color.  I decided I have to have the right color. So I went looking on the internet.  One place has a fat quarter for 29.50.  Another place has just the right size for 3.94 (or something close to that).  So I chose the less expensive piece and hope they don't charge me an arm and a leg for shipping.

Then I watched a Flosstube video.  They are addictive.  I have never done a Mirabilia or a Nora Corbet.  This video recommended trying a little bird from Nora Corbet to see if you like her designs.

  I love the little bird (the blue one of course).  So I ordered it.  Of course the place where I ordered the linen for the Just Nan Mouse didn't have the chart so I had to order it from another place (more shipping!).  I also took my life in my hands when I said for them to include all the floss needed for the chart.  This could be an expensive bird!  Especially if the chart calls for silk threads.

I walked at the Y since it is still in single digits here.  My sewing room is such a mess that I am embarrassed.  I have a box of 2 gallon ZipLock bags.  Maybe they can help.


  1. Have never seen that Nora Corbet bird - it's lovely! I like watching the queen's lacy ruff grow ... looks like you're nearly finished with that project so now I'm wondering what the next queen's attire project will be.

  2. I hope Claire had a great B-Day.
    That's good progress on the Queen's Ruff.
    Too cold here also.