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Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Step Forward

On January first many people start new projects.  I thought I would try this.  I think the Crazy January Challenge to start something new everyday for like 12 or 15 days is too much.  So I just thought I would put a few stitches in one of my Christmas presents, Final Soliloquy.  First you have to wash  some of the sizing out of the linen.  I actually did that.  Then I serged the edges of the fabric.  I was a good girl and measured to the starting point which is this guy's hair.  You are supposed to backstitch around the hair and then fill it in.  Did I mention it is worked on 40 count linen?  I messed up.  Evidently I can't count up to six.  Well, it is 40 count over one.  So I ended up taking it out.  I was wondering if I bit off more than I could chew with this project.

 I got the step stool in the mail yesterday.  It is for setting my new magnifier light on.  The magnifier light is too tall as a floor stand and too short as a lamp.  But on the step stool it is just the right height.  (I'm a very short person.) So I tried again last night to put in those first few stitches.  It is wonderful to be able to see what I am doing!

I worked a little bit on the Erica Michaels strawberry when I realized that I stitched the scissors in the wrong color!  I had already taken the scissors out once because of miscounting.  So I had to take them out again.  UGH.  But my magnifier lamp made a big difference.  

Some days, I just shouldn't stitch.  I think I'll work on something different today.


  1. I take the approach that once I make a mistake I will continue making them. So I go off and do something else.
    What is the Y that you go walking in? Sorry, not American and I don't understand that.

  2. Sorry you had to Rip-It.
    Your light looks nice.
    I have a Daylight, and love it.

  3. Great solution for getting the right height on the lamp!