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Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Going to be a Good Week

Having a positive attitude makes everything go better.  I am going to finish the Queen's Ruff this week!  I started the last row of the Ruff.  It isn't really hedebo stitches but detached buttonhole stitch.
I am loving how it looks.

 It is the perfect touch for the bottom of the ruff.  I was worried about the points from the last row not being very "pointy" until I saw what comes next.  You don't even see the messy points.  There are about 48 loops around the bottom edge.  And you have to do them twice.

I know when this project is done I will look at it and wonder how I did it.  Amy Mitten is a genius - again.
Then I decided to face my fears.  I picked up the end side of Home Sweet Home and decided since this is my WIP that I am determined to finish this year, I need to get started.  I had to figure out where I was and get that darn leaf finished.  I am not good at long and short stitching.  But I finished two leaves.  Next is the caterpillar.  I couldn't find the thread for the base of the caterpillar.  Then I looked at a blog by someone who finished it.  She substituted many of the threads and even showed a list of her substitutions.  That gave me courage to just go looking for something caterpillary.  I think this will be fun to make.  In fact, I'm going to add some flowers as I go along.

The bathrooms are clean.  It is going to be warm this week.  Maybe even warm enough to walk outside.  Yeah!


  1. I just got the book and the materials are either going to be really hard to find or terribly expensive. What blog did you find where she gave the substitutions she used?

  2. Almost done!
    The Strawberries are so pretty.